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‘Pequeño Videoclub’ (little videoclub) is a program that manages your movie collection and lets you create your own personal catalogue from scratch.

In spite of its slightly archaic look, ‘Pequeño Videoclub’ stands out thanks to its ease-of-use, and the wide range of options it includes to complete each movie's tag or description.

The program lets you add new movies to your collection, go on for as long as you like in the summary and analysis, add images, or use different filters when searching for movies, all using its intuitive interface.

For example, ‘Pequeño Videoclub’ lets you marks the movies which you have already seen so that a 'new' movie is easier to find.

However, the lack of an option to connect with an online database so that you can complete some of the fields in each movie’s description is noticed and makes manual filling-in quite tedious.
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